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How to buy windows and doors from our online store

How To Buy

To make a purchase

    Create an account

  • An account is not required, however if you have an account you can take advantage of our Wishlist feature. This is handy when you have a lot of items you are considering. You can select your options on a product and then add it to your wishlist. Once you have all of your products in your wishlist and are ready to finalize the purchase you can move them to the cart and proceed with checkout.

    This is handy when you have a lot of products to order at one time. Using the wishlist in this manor allows you to add products over several days. This is especially useful if you need to go to another location to take measurements during the provcess. You can even log into your account at a different location to complete your order.

  • If you have an account and are logged in then you receive an additional 5% Loyalty Points credit from your entire purchase. You can either save them for future purchases or use the entire amount to purchase a gift certificate for friends or family (or anyone you know of who is looking for windows and/or doors).
  • Make a list

  • Take advantage of volume discounts by purchasing everything at one time. Volume discounts apply on the entire purchase price.

  • Save money on shipping. Your entire purchase can be shipped together, saving money on multiple shipping costs.
  • Find your products

  • We try to make it easy to find just the right window or door that you are looking for. Select "Categories" to navigate through the categories or use the "Advanced Search" feature.

  • Take advantage of volume discounts by purchasing everything at one time. Volume discounts apply on the entire purchase price.
  • Select your options

  • Most products come with a lot of options to chose from. We try to make it as easy as possible to build your door or window just the way you like it. A box next to some option (with an "i" inside it) indicates more information on that option. Simply hoover your mouse over the box for the information to appear.

    Some products have additional information on the product and options in the tabs below it. If the dimensions that you are looking for in the options are not shown and more sizes are available then you will find them in the "related" tab below the product.

  • Although we try to give as many options as possible on the website, some products have too many possible options to allow for this. The page would get too cluttered if we put them all on the products page. We have therefore limited the options we show to the most popular ones.

    The available options will be explained however in the pabs below the options. If you want an available option listed in one of the tabs and not on the products page then we can email you a quote for the product with those options. You can then use the reference number of the quote we send you to purchase that item with the options we've quoted.

    To get a quote for products with options not available in the selections on the product page you can request a quote from our Quotation Form, send us a request , call us at 1-250-996-1238 or click on "Live Chat" near the top of the screen.
  • Add to cart

  • Once you have all of the options selected for a product then click on "Add to cart". If you are logged into an account you've created then you can add it to your Wishlist and move it to your cart at a later time. To do this click on "Add To List", which is located directly below the "Add to cart" button (only displayed if you are logged in).
  • Checkout

  • After all your products are in the cart, to complete the order you need to checkout. You can get to your cart to checkout by clicking on the "SHOPPING CART" at the top or the "Checkout" link on the left side. The "Checkout" link on the left side does not show up on the Home page.

  • We will contact you after every order to go over all of the options you've selected before processing it.

Other information


  • Our products are available across Canada. Most shipping will be the standard shipping estimate shown in the cart. You can either select "shipping" or "Pick up" during the checkout process.

    If you select "Puck up" and later decide to have it shipped then simply give us a call and we can make those arrangements. f you include shipping for your order and the shipping costs are higher than the estimated standard shipping rates charged to your order then you will be notified of the added costs before we process the order. If these additional costs are more than you are willing to pay then you can cancel your order and get a 100% immediate refund, no questions asked.

    We will not proceed with the order until we get your approval of any additional costs.